close up to stone surface

There are different types of stones when it comes to tiling. It is up to the choice of customers as well as the budget that which type of stone tile they want for their place. However, here is a little description about the types of stone which will help you in choosing the one for your home or office.


  • Granite
In the result of melting or volcanic activities, the magmatic stones are formed. These magmatic stones are of various kinds, and one of them is the granite. After a liquid magma meltdown and cooled, it becomes granite. Another name of granite stones is the siliceous stones because they contain different silicates in them. Some of the granites are clear, while others have veins in them which are formed due to the presence of mineral crystals in hot magma. Similarly, the granites are also formed when different types of hot and melted magma combine with each other before hardening. Due to such formations, granites are very durable and solid stones for use in the domestic applications such as in residential and commercial tiles.


  • Limestone and Marble
Both of these come in the category of sedimentary and calcareous stones. It means that the marble, as well as limestone, is made from the rocks where the sediments are deposited since decades. These stones are largely used in building tiles and bathroom floors. Many of these stones are sensitive to the acids or any such harsh chemicals, so they are used at those places which are saved from the acid contact. When we polish them after installation, they look very shiny and beautiful. They are available in the market in a different range of prices as well as in different colors.


  • Travertine
Just like marble and limestone, it is also one of the calcareous stones. It is used in special architectures and designs and formed through a special kind of sedimentary rock which has a number of small holes in it. As there are numerous holes in Travertine, these holes must need to be filled during its installation on either home or at an industrial or commercial level. When the relevant force cut these rocks to obtain travertine, they process it further to make the tiles from it. These tiles are, later on, sold in the market in a number of variety and varying prices.
  • Metamorphic Vs Sedimentary Stones and Magnetic Stones
Due to the changes in temperature, the sedimentary or magmatic rocks may undergo through a further change in their composition. When this happens, a new shaped stones come into being which is known as metamorphic stones. There are a number of examples of such stones to which you may be familiar. For example, you may recognize the name, “soapstone”, which is a metamorphic stone. Onyx is also a type of metamorphic or calcareous stone. The most common use of onyx is in the making of furniture as well as tiles. Similarly, one more type of these stones is the Quartzite which is also a metamorphic stone.
  • Man-Made Stones
All of the above stones are formed naturally through the changes in the environment over time. However, there are some of the stones which are not created by nature but by us. One of the famous examples of these man made stones is the porcelain slabs. Whenever we talk about tiles for residential or industrial use, the porcelain tiles come first in the mind. They are the most commonly used material for the tiles and looks good when using in any home or commercial building.  Besides the porcelain tiles, the engineered quartz is also a famous man made stone and we make many products from it.