Stone Countertops: Is It Right for You?

Stone countertops are central to the design when refurbishing an existing kitchen or constructing a new kitchen. Stone countertops are the most popular choice as it is available in almost all known colors and designs. There are a lot of different stone types, namely granite, marble, limestone, etc. There are also some man-made stones to choose from, so it is up to the customer’s budget and style which type of stone they choose. Increased demand for stone countertops has motivated a large number of contractors to obtain the expertise and construction equipment necessary for installation. As a result, they can typically be purchased from a local distributor instead of a corporation hundreds of miles away. Increased demand for this product has in turn lowered the price of the installation to a level within reach of the average homeowner.

When it comes to installation or kitchen counter top replacement, natural stone countertops are best left in skilled hands. Upon preparation of the base cabinetry, a custom wood template is made as a pattern. A special diamond saw is used to allow custom cutting of the stone slab for perfect fit. A simple slip-up can require replacing the first counter top with a second natural stone slab; indeed, a rather expensive mistake for most homeowners trying to do it on their own. Sudbury tile promises you that only the best people are assigned to your home renovation projects and ensures quality all year round. Visit our site or call us to get your free instant quote!