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Are you looking for the best tile installation company for your home or office? If so, you are at the right place! We are offering our quality-oriented residential and commercial tiling services in Sudbury for years.

Tile Installation


Here at Sudbury Tile Installation, we offer a wide range of tiling services which we divide into two categories. One of them is Residential Tile Installation services and the other one is Commercial Tile Installation. In our Residential Tile Installation Services, we offer concrete fixes, tile removal, floor or tile upgrading, touch-ups and finishes, and many other services regarding residential level tiling. In our Commercial Tile flooring Installation Services, we cover tile removal and fixes, concrete handling, epoxy coatings, concrete repairs, tiles polishing, and a wide range of tasks in this field. Our tile setters are the top performing ones in town!
Because we are a customer service-oriented company, it is our foremost goal to always deliver the highest quality of tiling services that will exceed your expectations. We will make sure that you and your property are protected. Whether you have a residential or commercial project, we will ensure that every task goes smoothly. Moreover, we assure you that we only employ top-notch tilers and invest on high quality tools to ensure successful results, may it be in-house tiling services, exterior installation services or something else you fancy.
Need some tile contractors, tile installers, or tile setter to make your bathroom tile and kitchen tile visions, such as subway tiles style come to life? Or maybe for a new backsplash installation? bathroom tile installation? Look no further! We can make your visions into reality. As a general rule of refurbishment, you should always use skilled craftsmen to ensure that the work is done correctly. Unfortunately, a general contractor never masters the skill. When laying tiles, it is important to hire an experienced tile setter, as there are many factors to consider when laying tiles. Sudbury tile expertise includes the bathroom tile installation from all kinds of mosaics for indoor and outdoor use to glass, stone, slabs, ceramics, porcelain and steel. They use a combination of the highest quality products and proven technology, coupled with the latest deals from industry leaders. They listen to what their customers want and offer the options that best suit their needs. The backsplash is in the center of the homeowner’s kitchen. They are functional works of art and express your personality. It is functional because it has a hard surface that is easy to clean even in busy places. Art because they are aesthetically pleasing. We all enjoy seeing beautiful things! Call us for backsplash installation or even for your tile replacement needs! Wondering what would tile installation cost you? Just give us a call and we’ll immediately give you fair and competitive prices. We’re here to help!
 For more details about our residential and commercial services, please visit our services page.

Our mission is to make our customers delighted by providing high-quality tiling services in Sudbury. To achieve this mission, we strive hard to achieve the trust of customers into our services by assuring quality-oriented results.

Why choose us?
Out of a number of tile installation companies, you must be thinking about why you must choose us? What makes us special over others to consider our tiling services? You will get the answer of such questions below. The following information are a must read to have an idea about what makes us special and why you must choose us!
At Sudbury Tile, we not only provide you with a vast choice of tiles to suit your needs and wants but we also make sure to provide affordable and top of the line materials. From purchasing your preferred tiles to installing them on your floor, bathroom, fireplace or staircase, a bathroom remodel, we have whatever it is you are looking for. We understand that customer satisfaction is our most important goal, so we do not settle with anything less. We are the top tile contractors in town.
  • Professional and talented staff
When you avail of Sudbury Tile’s services, you’ll get to work with a team of skilled professionals from the moment you reach out to us. Starting from our friendly phone and chat operators to our experienced and skilled tilers, you will be pampered with exceptional service from every one of our staff.
Every member of our team is a qualified professional tiler who has a firm grip on his job. We use special hiring, recruiting, and retaining process for our talented team to assure you the best results through our services. Whenever you call us for any sort of tiling service, our professional team will meet you at your location and do their job in the best possible way.
Sudbury is simply the best when it comes to premium tile services.  Our talented and professional team members have diverse skill sets for all types of work. We’re the first-picked tile service provider for homeowners and business owners who need experienced labor to get things done quickly and skillfully with beautiful results. In addition to providing a superior workmanship, our team is so determined to accomplish projects in a timely manner in order to meet or surpass every expectation. Therefore, if you hire our expert tile installers, you will be left thrilled with the end results. Should you also need some tile basement finishing, we are your go to!
With years of experience and certifications, we can assure you that our staff will definitely pay attention to every important detail.
  • Availability of right tools and equipment
Tile installation itself requires experienced tilers with attention to detail but also the right tools and equipment to ensure a long-lasting floor for your homes or building premises. Whatever it is that our clients request, we make sure we have top of the line equipment needed for installation.
We are proud to highlight the fact that we have the latest and the right tools and equipment for performing all types of flooring and tiling services. The availability of the right and latest equipment is itself a guarantee that the tiling job will be done in an accurate way. Our talented staff use these tools and equipment in tiling services to assure the great results.
  • Cover every little area in Sudbury
Another amazing reason for choosing us is our widespread coverage throughout the Sudbury. If you are living in this city, just pick up your phone and schedule your appointment. Our dedicated team will be at your place on the decided time and date without any delay.
We have a huge network of workers, contractors and business owners but we make sure to keep a personalized and traditional approach with our customers. In addition, because we are available almost anywhere in Sudbury, it is also easier for us to check in on the progress of our projects any time of the day to make sure everything is on track.
  • Years of excellence
Due to working as the most talented tilers, we are proud to say that we have years of excellence in the tiling industry. No matter which type of tiling service you need, our experts will be at your location to perform it. We have completed a large number of tiling projects so far, both on residential and commercial levels, which adds more perfection in our services.
Because of these years of experience that we have accumulated, the quality of our work is given and to be expected and attention to detail is also guaranteed. We are also proud to highlight that ever since we started this business, it has been the goal of Sudbury Tiles to provide customers with extraordinary and long-lasting transformation of their floors.
  • Premium discounts and offers
With us, you can get a number of premium discounts and amazing offers at special events. We offer various coupons and discounts to our repeated customers which is a plus of our services. We also provide the first time price reduction offers at various occasions. So, feel free to come to us for any type of flooring or tiling needs. Anything related to tile flooring installation, we got you! 
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Benefits of choosing our tiling services
Having a beautiful house or a stylish commercial building requires a tasteful and durable floor at the same time and for someone who is looking for these as well as a practical solution to your flooring needs, Sudbury’s tiling services is the best choice for you. Are you eyeing on some kitchen wall tiles for so long? Got some bathroom tile ideas in mind? Leave the job to us and we will make it happen. 
If you decide to choose us for your flooring and tiling needs, or if you are thinking about a bathroom remodeling and need some tile upgrade, we promise the following benefits to you for choosing our tiling services. Let’s have a look at them and book your appointment with us today!
  • Lowest rates
Many of the tiling installations out there can get really expensive and not all of us have the privilege or resources to dump money for construction projects like such. This is why we at Sudbury Tile
We offer the lowest possible rates for all types of tiling services you need. You can send a quote about our prices for various tiling services, and we will send you a detailed report on it. You can also inquire and check our fair and clear pricing policy at any time.
  • Excellence in tiling services
As we are working in this industry since years, we promise excellence in our tiling services. All of our customers admire the excellence in our tiling installation job, and this is the reason why they come back to us again and again.
There are various companies offering sorts of options for tiling services in Sudbury but we take pride in having some of the excellent and experienced workers available.
  • Great after-service results
Along with assuring the great services, we also promise the great after-service results. Your floor and tiles will look aesthetically more appealing after getting our services. We will ensure that you will get as much use and value as possible out of their purchase.
  • Free audits
The major benefit of having our services at the residential and commercial level is that we offer free audits to all who want. Some of the people don’t have any idea about what their tiles need, so the free audits are the best opportunity for them. With practically numerous choices available including sizes, colors, patterns, materials used, etc., our customers will have a better view of how they can personalize their tiles through our free audits. they can also opt to leave the designing to our professional staff that have proficiency in these matters.
  • Free cost estimations
We also offer free cost estimations to those who want to proceed to access our tiling services, either with or without free audit. We will give you the accurate cost estimations without charging any fee for it.
We will gladly meet with anyone interested to discuss the project free of charge, and provide an informal, high level estimate of what we think the project will cost. Ultimately, If you are interested in moving forward with the project, we will prepare a detailed budget and scope of work that explains clearly and precisely what we will do, how we will do it, and how much it will cost. Looking to get ceramic tile installation done to your bathroom? We’ve got it all for you! 
  • Rescheduling or cancelling an appointment is easiest

Another fantastic benefit for choosing us is that you can reschedule your appointment or cancel it as many times as you want. We understand that life happens sometimes so if it is necessary to cancel or reschedule your scheduled appointment, we will not take it against youWe will never charge you for it or never give you any penalty for it. Whenever you contact us again, we will be here for you.

  • After service follow-ups
Finally, we also keep checking you back if you are satisfied with our tiling services or have any issues with it. In case of any issue, our dedicated and professional staff will come to your location to perform the desired steps until we make you happy. We make your tile floor installation experience seamlessly. So give us a call! Sudbury Tile Installation will guide you through the tile selection process and help you create your own space.